Alan F - Chesterfield, Missouri

"ethical behavior as an attorney"

Alexis G - Lake St. Louis, Missouri

"Learning additional information about ethical rules."

James M - Lee's Summit, Missouri

"Don't procrastinate"

Alison S - Kansas City, Missouri

"What is appropriate to do in front of your client and what is not - including phone calls"

Dana W - Alton, Illinois

"After that job by Mr. Oster, it is difficult to answer a serious question.... Best serious answer is try to be careful about white lies you Ass u me everyone understood was a joke because not everyone has the same sense of humor. Who could have predicted there would be a significant number of people who didn't vote for My Cousin Vinny in the first poll question! Not everyone GETS my intended humor, so I need to be careful."

Josh T - Caruthersville, Missouri

"just a good refresher of the ethics rules."

Lee P - St. Louis, Missouri

"Ethics rules - regarding many scenarios"

Alan R - Oakland, California

"Comprehensive and entertaining overview of the ethical rules."

Christopher B - Mountain Grove, Missouri

"It is helpful to have a refresher on the rules regarding conflicts and whether they can be waived. "

Jeffrey B - Kansas City, Missouri

"basic ethical considerations"