Susan W - Killeen, Texas

"His thorough discussion of important ethic rules in a memorable manner by highlighting/illustrating with well known films was phenomenal"

Richard J - El Paso, Texas

"Review of the Code of Ethics."

Jean B - Saco, Maine

"being aware of procrastination"

Kevin G - Portland, Maine

"telling the truth"

Joel V - FALMOUTH, Maine

"Review of model rules"

Leif A - Denver, Colorado

"Good refresher in terms of certain ethical nuances."

Kimberly W - Portland, Oregon

"Lots of fun to be had in this ethics seminar. Much of this was more reminder than new information, but much appreciated. "

Takashi H - portland, Oregon

"Ethics is not something to mess with."

Richard T - Medford, Oregon

"You can't lie to the general public but it's not unethical to lie to your client"

Natalie W - Portland, Oregon

"Defense strategy candor "