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How Secondary Trauma Affects Attorney Mental Health

Total Credits: 1 including 1 Ethics

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Mental Health & Substance Abuse |  Legal Ethics |  Substance Abuse
Cynthia Sharp, Esq. |  Becky Howlett, Esq
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1 Hour 02 Minutes
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Attorneys often represent people who have been traumatized as victims of abuse, crime, or other adversity. As the matter unfolds, lawyers, staff and judges alike may be exposed to emotional stories, highly charged situations, as well as gruesome and disturbing evidence, which can lead to secondary or vicarious trauma.  Symptoms include burnout, PTSD, irritability, difficulties with sleep and concentration as well as diminished pleasure and interest in activities.

Join Cindy Sharp and Becky Howlett for this timely educational webinar as they explore secondary trauma. Case studies of legal professionals who have experienced the adverse effects of vicarious trauma are included.  Certified Meditation Instructor and Attorney Becky Howlett will teach and lead mindfulness practices throughout this session.

Attendees will learn:

●    How to identify situations that may lead to secondary trauma
●    Symptoms of vicarious traumatization
●    Ethical Implications of secondary trauma: Analysis of MRPC 1.1 - Competence, MRPC 1.3 - Diligence, MRPC 1.4 - Communication, MRPC 8.4 - Misconduct
●    Specific steps you can take IMMEDIATELY to manage and avoid the ill effects of compassion fatigue
●    Tips on how to approach a colleague who is exhibiting “the signs”
●    Strategies to implement a trauma-informed approach
●    How to use mindfulness tools to develop deeper awareness about secondary trauma



Cynthia Sharp, Esq.'s Profile

Cynthia Sharp, Esq. Related Seminars and Products

Director of Attorney Development

The Sharper Lawyer

Veteran Attorney Cynthia Sharp works with motivated lawyers seeking to build sustainable law practices. After building and selling her boutique firm which she ran for over a quarter of a century, she embarked on a professional speaking and consulting career.  For the past 10 years, she has dedicated herself to sharing practice building strategies and processes with solo and small firm attorneys throughout North America. In recognition of her contributions to the profession, the ABA GPSolo Division named her Trainer of the Year.  

As Director of Attorney Development, Cindy has established an international presence as an author and speaker on the topics of law firm branding and marketing strategies. She also shares practice management techniques with an emphasis on ethical implications - lecturing extensively to law firms, bar associations and other legal organizations.

She can be reached via email at

Becky Howlett, Esq's Profile

Becky Howlett, Esq Related Seminars and Products

Legal Burnout Solution

Becky Howlett is an attorney, consultant, and educator dedicated to facilitating positive relationships with others and ourselves.  After graduating from KU Law cum laude with a Tribal Lawyers Certificate in 2014, Becky focused her career on Indian Country advocacy, developing an expertise in federal Indian law and policy and tribal law. After experiencing burnout early on in her legal career, Becky felt compelled to do an in-depth study of meditation techniques and share these practices with others. In spring 2020, she co-founded with the mission of empowering others to effectively manage their stress by promoting mindfulness practices in the legal field.



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Total Reviews: 73


Mary Ellen W - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"self meditation as a stress tool "

John O - Boston, Massachusetts

"be more aware."

Stefan J - Springfield, Oregon


Kathleen M - Portland, Oregon

"ensuring I make time for myself - gym, walk, just being home not working "

Toni B - Palm Desert, California

"Setting boundaries and limiting time with trauma-exposed clients are the main strategies I can use."

Sandra R - Bangor, Maine

"talking and listening to others who may be stressed"

Stephanie H - Billings, Montana

"That maintaining my own mental health is non negotiable."

Clarence L - Worcester, Massachusetts

"Mindfulness and awareness of breathing"

Rachael R - North Pole, Alaska

"meditation "

Kathleen B - Kennebunkport, Maine